All of our procedures and policies are overseen by a medical doctor, designed to make sure you are receiving the right treatment for you, in a safe manner. Every single one of our treatment plans has been designed and continued to be reviewed by a licensed physician. 



Your treatment will be completed by a registered nurse with years of experience starting IV's and preparing medications. We take pride in creating a relaxing, peaceful, and safe experience for you. 



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Why go IV?

All of our intravenous (IV) infusions contain different combinations of fluids, vitamins, nutrients, and/or amino acids depending on your health needs. While most of these things can be obtained through a proper diet, problems can occur due to differences and changes in gastric absorption (your body's ability to process things from your stomach to your bloodstream). While you can consume food and liquid containing all of these vital components, your stomach and intestines deliver only and sometimes less than 50% to your actual body, while the rest is just wasted. It can also be near impossible to eat foods containing the appropriate amounts of these vital components in a quantity to fit your needs without drastically increasing caloric intake and spending way too much on vitamins and supplements. Through IV infusion therapy, your body gets 100% of what we put into it. We also have the capability of adding medications that work extremely fast through the IV, eliminating some symptoms nearly instantly.

Oxygen and Aromatherapy

Oxygen and aromatherapy are offered and available upon request with any of our services to add to your experience and get the most out of your treatment. Get straight oxygen or choose from any of our essential oil scents below at the time of your service.

PEPPERMINT: Helps promote sharp memory, concentration, clear thinking, acuity. Helps relieve fatigue.

EUCALYPTUS: Helps promote optimism, concentration, memory. Helps relieve stress, sadness.

LEMONGRASS: Helps promote calmness, clarity. Helps relieve fatigue, confusion, jet lag.

TEA TREE: Helps promote strength, morale, calmness. Helps relieve stress.

ORANGE: Helps promote optimism, peace, happiness. Helps relieve anger, depression, fear, irritability.

LAVENDER: Helps promote cognitive functions, calmness, alertness. Helps relieve anxiety, panic, stress.

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